Critique of 2020 Championship show

The critique provided by Judge M Turner for 2020 Championship Show of MYTC
Midland Yorkshire Terrier Club 23/02/2020.
50th Anniversary Championship Show.
I would like to thank the committee and members of the Midland Yorkshire Terrier Club for inviting me to judge their 50th Anniversary Championship Show at Pelsall Community Centre. There was a great atmosphere in the room which I can only put down to the chairwomen, secretary and the committee for the organization of such a well-run show. Dogs not as strong as Bitches. There is still quite a few gay tails about and also topknots back-combed into a dome which makes it difficult to assess the correct shape of the skull.

Class 1 Veteran Dog (0 entries)

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (1 entry)
1st- Taylors Sondance Legacy- Nice head and expression good length of neck level top line and nice hindquarters moved well, colours need time to clear.

Class 3 Puppy Dog (2 entries 1 absent)
!st Shirley’s Cherlem Luis Albert – Nice type, lovely colours for one so young good texture, moved out well with strong hind quarters showed with confidence .

Class 4 Junior Dog (3 entries 1 absent)
1st Skarulskas Have Fun Stribrne Prani- not my type but very sound with a level topline which he kept on the move good lay back of shoulders colours developing nicely
2nd Lights Faystan Slow Flyer-Not as good in colour as winner quite dark, ears placed a little low did not hold her top line and move close behind.

Class 5 Yearling (1 entry)
1st Ikaneviciene/Ikaneviciutes Kajuson Adored by Glory- Nice type good head and expression leading to a good reach of neck and a level top line, colours developing nicely with a good texture showed well. Promising youngster.

Class 6 Maiden Dog (no entries)

Class 7 Novice Dog (no entries)

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog (2 entries 1 absent)
1st Davies Wenwytes Word Games with Yorkalsa This well bodied little dog did not seem very happy today, tan slowly clearing, dark steel blue body coat of good length and nice texture good head with dark eye and well set ears.

Class 9 Limit Dog (5 entries 2 absent)
1st Prices Janessa Special Edition sweet head and expression well placed ears lovely well shaded tan good reach of neck stood four square on his box and showed and moved well.
2nd Redheads Jankeri Rag’n Boneman. Well bodied little dog good spring of rib and strong loin darker in colours than winner, well placed ears was falling asleep on his box soon woke up when on the move with a powerful drive.
3rd Butts Beaupetite I’m Exclusive Too.

Class 10 Open Dog(3 entries)
1st Butts Beaupetite He’s Got the Look. Nice head well placed ears good mouth and reach of neck, level topline which he held on the move, full length body coat of a lovely silky texture. Stood with a lovely square outline. Looked a picture. DCC
2nd Campions Lovejoys Royal Affair with Chevawn another quality dog with a wealth of coat, good head with clear shaded tans show really well moved out soundly. RDCC.
3rd Ikaneviciene/Ikaneviciutes Majestic Duke of Batley

Class 11 Veteran Bitch (no entries)

Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch(3 entries)
1st Davis Stolvis At Cherry Blossom What a cracking little pup never stopped showing for one so young, sweet head well placed ears tans clearing nicely good reach of neck well laid back shoulders with a level topline nice spring of rib and good loin moved and showed well. BP
2nd Lees Litalees Sunflower another quality pup nice outline as a lot going for her good reach of neck level topline colours breaking nicely moved out well just preferred head of winner.
3rd Wardles Sladesmark Sapphire Greta.

Class 13 Puppy Bitch (4entries 1absent)
1st Taylors Bierlyn Bo Peep good out line when stood on her box I liked her lot good reach of neck level topline she moved and showed well the only thing that spoiled her was her gay tail.
2nd Letchs Bierlyn Delilh This young bitch needs plenty of time to develop for her tan to clear and her coat to grow she as a sweet head and level topline and moved well.
3rd Streeks Sherazade Whisper of Love

Class 14 Junior Bitch (3 entries)
1st Campions Nierlings Surprise Present For Chevawn nice head and expression well place ears, dark eye good shape, tans developing nicely level topline silky blue body coat show well.
2nd Pantons Just a Miracle Stribrne Prani for Dunningvale nice compact little Bitch great outline when stood on her box and when moving, needs time for her tan to clear
3rd Lights Faystan Fancy Seagull.

Class 15 Yearling Bitch (5 entries)
1st Campions Chavawn Royal Flush-good head well placed ears, pigmentation good with a nicely shaped eye, thumb prints need to clear, silky coat to the floor of a good colour, a good sized dual purpose bitch moved with drive and showed well.
2nd Wiegand-Brown Andalalie Look at me- not much separates 1 & 2 both quality Bitches could change place’s another day both asset’s to the breed.
3rd Stadings Stadmeyer Rolybeth Yalizea

Class 16 Maiden (1 entry)
1st Campions Nierlings Surprise Present for Chevawn

Class 17 Novice Bitch (2 entries)
1st Campions Nierlings Surprise Present for Chevawn
2nd Haisova Jestidek Betty Boop-beautiful textured coat down to the ground with a level topline, paler in colour than 1 and shorter muzzle but a shade narrow behind.

Class 18 Post Graduate Bitch (4entries 1 absent)
1st Redheads Jankeri- This is one for the future great outline nice head and expression well placed ears dark eye good reach of neck and level topline, good spring & loin, good hind quarters showed well.
2nd Butts Beaupetite The Enchantress- Topknot too tight pulling her eye spoiling her expression, dark steel blue body coat down to the ground, falls not as long still needing to clear.
3rd Dodds Brookstream Amazing Grace

Class 19 Limit Bitch (4 entries 1absent)
1st Askers Cheluba Sweet Pandora-nice head & tan thumb marks still to clear good level topline with a coat to the floor of a nice texture and a good colour, show and moved well.
2nd Butts Beaupetite Wild Fantasy-another nice type good head and ear placement, dark eye, tan clearing level topline coat to the floor of a nice texture, showed well.
3rd Pipes JankerI Cheerleader for Brevorda.

Class 20 Open Bitch (7 entries ) what a quality line-up of Bitches any of the first five were good enough to take a ticket and they did not put a foot wrong showing or moving it was a real pleasure to judge.
1st Trimble’s Lissraine xquisite at Beverleigh-what a quality bitch she just stood out when you look down the line, and was not to disappoint when I went over her, beautiful feminine head with expressive eyes, good reach of neck, dead level topline with a sound body, she moved like a dream. BCC & BIS
2nd White-Thomas-CH Wenwytes what a Dare- A compact Bitch with a level topline well-muscled up leading to a powerful bitch on the move with a sound structure, good outline nice in both Colours. RBCC & RBIS
3rd Patterson’s CH Jasopian Trouble Maker

Michael Turner