Results Championship Show 2019

Championship Show Sunday 24th February 2019
Results 2019 Championship Show

JUDGE: Mrs C McFarlane (Mansu)
LOCATION: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Road, Pelsall, West Midlands WS3 4BQ
DATE: Sunday 24 February 2019

BEST IN SHOW: Polanerduin Sensation
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Ch Wenwytes Whata Dare
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Andelalie Aristocrat

MINOR PUPPY DOG: 1st Kajuson Adored By Glory
2nd Hydefinition I Believe
PUPPY DOG: 1st Andelalie Aristocrat
2nd Kajuson Admire Of Applause
JUNIOR DOG: 1st Yaks-Vonavi Triumpf For Faystan (IMP)
2nd Wenwytes Word Games With Yorkalsa
YEARLING DOG: 1st Bonbonbox Excelsior
2nd Hydefinition Signature
MAIDEN DOG: 1st Hydefinition Signature
NOVICE DOG: 1st Joangelz Follow Me
POST GRADUATE DOG: 1 st Janessa Special Edition
LIMIT DOG: 1 st Hydefinition Millionaire
2nd Mygord Dyvala At Queenslake (IMP ESP)
3rd Lovejoys Royal Affair With Chevawn
Reserve Beaupetite Im Exclusive Too
VHC Majestic Duke Of Batley
OPEN DOG: 1st Polanerduin Sensation
2nd Candytops Pendragons
3rd Jankeri Kericrest Pheonix
Reserve Mygord Para La Seda (IMP ESP)
VHC Beaupetite He’s Got The Look

DOG CC: Polanerduin Sensation
RESERVE DOG CC: Candytops Pendragons
BEST PUPPY DOG : Andelalie Aristocrat

VETERAN BITCH 1 st Elizaville My Surprise
MINOR PUPPY BITCH: 1st Andelalie Classic Design
2nd Hydefinition Whisper
3rd Kajuson Apt To Million Stars
PUPPY BITCH: 1st Chevawn Royal Flush
2nd Trayshellin Truffles
3rd Andalalie Look At Me
Reserve Wenwytes What A Surprise Auchmuir
VHC Blumston Hunky Dory
JUNIOR BITCH: 1st Jankeri Taboo
2nd Jastarlo Kadjar Dream
3rd Camparis Bling Bling
Reserve Beaupetite Wild Fantasy
VHC Camparis Bijoux (IMP DEU)
YEARLING BITCH: 1ST Candytops Diamonds Forever
MAIDEN BITCH: 1st Chevawn Royal Flush
NOVICE BITCH: 1st Chevawn Royal Flush
POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1 st Heaven Send Stri’bane Pra’ni (TAF) (IMPCZE)
2nd Trayshellin Touche
3rd Beaupetite The Enchantress
Reserve Jastarlo Blue Gene
VHC Brooksteam Amazing Grace
LIMIT BITCH: 1ST Lissraine Xquisite At Beverley
2nd Cherluba Sweet Pandora
3rd Hydefinition Morgana At Bierlyn
Reserve Jankeri Cheerleader For Brevorda
VHC Beaupetite Take A Chance
OPEN BITCH: 1ST Ch Wenwytes Whata Dare
2nd Ch Sherazade Special Moment JW
3rd Beaupetite She’s Got The Look
Reserve Kandysu Second Time Around
VHC Brooksteam Amazing Grace

BITCH CC: Ch Wenwytes Whata Dare
RESERVE BITCH CC: Heaven Send Stri’bane Pra’ni (TAF) (IMPCZE)
BEST PUPPY BITCH : Andelalie Classic Design