Critique of 2018 Championship show

2018 Championship show critique
My thanks to the officers and committee of the Midland Yorkshire Terrier Club for inviting me to judge this lovely well run show, i must also thank my excellent stewards Brenda Pipes and Malcom Walters for their hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed my and had some lovely exhibits entered.The only criticism i was surprised to find quite a few exhibits with dirty teeth,such an important basic routine.

VD3 1
1 Campbells/Taylor Chevawn Hot Shot
Compact dog in great condition,sweet head and expression with small ears and lovely dark eyes, beautiful golden tan, moved very well
2 Clark's Pygrus Reflections in Blue
Another one in great condition for age, tans not as clear as one but still has a beautiful steel blue body coat with level topline and good tailset
PD 4
1 Boot's Jastarlo's Proper Job for Baotoba
Very outgoing temperament with a lovely silky textured coat which has cleared well in head, great outline with good tailset, dark sparkling eyes, well balanced and excellent neck into well laid shoulders, moved well with drive
2 Websters Julesmoor Cleanbandit
Good silky coated dog with pleasing colour and tan good for age, nice head and dentition, needs to settle a bit, moved well.
3 Kovacova/Kovac Gudyork Collin
1 Roberts Olimpic Star Chibis at Shawhills
Tall dog, pretty head with nicely shaped dark eye, golden tan of good texture and good blue
would have preferred the ears a little higher set, moved with drive and confidence.
2 Price Gudyork Zamir of Kircyan
Long cast dog with strong body, level topline with good tailset and nice blue, moved well.
3 Burns Deanje Amazing Passion
YD 4 1
1 Fuller's Soofula Soul Master
Very typical and well balanced, pretty head with correct mouth and nice high ear set, well shaped dark eye, level topline, scores on silky textured coat, moved straight and true.
2 Campion Lovejoys Royal Affair with Chevawn
Nicely constructed dog,very sound with super outline, good body, neck and shoulders, level topline with good tailset, pleasing head, good eye, immaculate presentation, moved well.
3 Price Gudyork Zamir
ND 3
1 Turnock Auchmuir Alter Ego
Pretty head with small well placed ears, dark eye and shaded tans, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder with strong body, moved well
2 J Price's Janessa Special Edition
First class head and expression with lovely outline, fine made dog with correct colours and coat texture, nice eye and ear and good dentition, a little more weight he would trouble the best, moved well.
3 Websters Julesmoor Cleanbandit
PGD 6 (2)
1 butt's Beaupetite Sweet Obsession
Well coated dog of good colours, ideal size and build, neat ears, good pigment, moderate spring of rib and good tailset, fabulous stylish mover, won him the class.
2 Ikaneviciene's Majestic Duke of Batley.
Well balanced dog with beautiful dark steel blue coat of good length and texture, dark eye of correct shape, good mouth with spotlessly clean teeth, looked a picture on his box.
3 Turnock's Auchmuir Alter Ego
LD 5
1 Rich/Marsdon Ozmilion Constellation
Attractive dog with beautifully textured coat of good defined colours, very sound, well ribbed with spirit level topline, nicely set ears and sparkling dark eye, moved well.
2 White-Thomas Wenwytes Where Eagles Dare
Smart sound moving dog with good topline, small head with dark well shaped eyes, correct mouth and small well placed ears, good reach of neck with compact body.
3 Williamson Dunsapie Wayward Prince
OD 8
1 Boot/Fitzgerald Jumara on the Edge of Barotoba
Good quality dog of pleasing type, lovely head and expression, good colours, smart and well balanced, good reach of neck into well laid shoulder and level topline, moved well with drive, pleased to award him his third CC
2 Crowther's Candytops Pendragons
Full length falls and coat of good silky quality, level topline at all times, sound and confident, correct bite and neat ears, nice dark eye,good dentition, moved well. Res CC
3 Jansen Polanerduin Sensation
MPB 5 (1
1Parvin's Trayshellin Touche
Loved this pretty puppy, feminine head with good body and colours for age, excellent pigmentation and small well placed ears, showed so well a real showgirl, moved well and soundly
2 Prevost Hassendean dash of Romance, very smart puppy with great movement and outgoing temperament, dead level topline, good neck and shoulder, pretty head with good mouth.
3 Campion Chevawn Shh and Chaneliers
PB 6
1 Higgins Jastarlo Blue Gene, Lovely body on this sound puppy, should make a good dual purpose bitch, beautiful colours with a well cleared pretty head, dark eyes, well placed ears and kind expression, moved very well
2 Roberts Juliette of Jokanza at Shawhills Taller bitch, good colour and texture, nice reach of neck into well laid shoulders and level topline, very stylish mover
3 Peace Essandemm Perfect Poise for Mirifco
JB 9(3)
1 White-Thomas Wenwytes What a Dare Well constructed bitch from ant angle, good in both colours, lovely head with dark sparkling eyes and a devilish expression,good ear set and reach of neck, level topline with good tailset, moved with style and drive
2 Trimbles Lissraine Xquisite at Beverleigh NAF Smaller bitch with very pretty head, small well set ears, dark eye of good shape, good in both colours and texture, nice clean outline, kept a level topline on the box and on the move.
3 Parvins Eburacum Twinkle Toes with Trayshellin
YB 6 (1)
Eden-Smith Willihelm Diection of Love Beautiful bitch, should have a bright future, feminine and pretty with lovely dark sparkling eyes, good dentition, small well set ears and good reach of neck leading to a level topline and steel blue metallic silky coat, moved with drive and style.
2 Fullers Soofula Dancing Breeze Sound dual purpose bitch of good type with strong topline and lovely golden tans, pretty head,moved well.
3 Butt's Beaupetite the Enchantress
NB 2 (1)
White-Thomas Wewytes What a Dare
PGB 4 (1)
1 Campbell's Wenmoray Special Gift at Stemarie Lovely clean outline on this little bitch, small neat head with flat skull, dark eye and good ear placement, moved very well.
2 Barber Beaupetite Take a Chance Good sized sound bitch with dark blue body coat of nice texture, nicely balanced head with well set ears, moved well'
3 Asker's Cheluba Sweey Pandora
LB 7 (1)
1 Evans Kentaura Alfa Fuzzy Buzzy at Citegan. The star of the show, , groomed to perfection with the prettiest head furnished with shaded golden tan falls, good eye and ear set, compact with excellent tail set, clear steel blue body coat and sound in all departments, moved with style and drive, so pleased to award her the CC and BIS
2 Mitchell's Jasopian Desirable at Midpatri Elegant two year old bitch with floor length dark steel blue body coat with good tans, coal black eyes with the blackest of rims, flat skull and good ear placement, correct teeth, pleasing expression, moved well Res CC
3 Burns ElasaidamarForever Love
OB 7 (4)
Trimbles Beverleigh the Enchantress The most beautiful colour and textured coat on tis bitch, small head, good neck and shoulders, level topline and good tailset, moved well.
2 Roberts Champion Estugo Amien Shine at Shawhills profusely coated bitch of lovely dark blue, medium spring of rib ,excellent reach of neck and straight front, moved very well sound and confident
3 Wood Wightdiamond Gold Shimmer

Judge Janet Redhead