Results 2015 Open show

Open Show 2015
JUDGE: Linda Todd (Toptod)
LOCATION: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Road, Pelsall, West Midlands WS3 4BQ
DATE: Sunday 8 November 2015

BEST IN SHOW: Mysherie Sunset Romance
b]RESERVE BEST IN SHOW : Estugo Amien Alegria At Wenwytes
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Wenwytes Where Eagles Dare
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Donahaye Definite Delight

VETERAN DOG: 1ST Clamantha Oliver Twist
MINOR PUPPY DOG: 1ST Wenwytes Where Eagles Dare
2nd Auchmnuir Amistad
PUPPY DOG: No entries
JUNIOR DOG: No entries
YEARLING DOG: 1ST U-I’m Here For Stribrne Prani
GRADUATE DOG: 1ST Beaupetite What About Me
2nd Fridstail Devil’s Double For Dunningvale
3rd Wenwytes Warrior King For Yorkalsa
LIMIT DOG: 1st Mysherie Sunset Romance
2nd Beaupetite He’s Got The Look
3rd Beaupetite Focus On Me At Beaudreamer
OPEN DOG: 1st Ch. Nothing Else Matters Stribrne Prani
2nd Beaupetite Im Exclusive Too
3rd Brevorda Magical Delight
SPECIAL PET TRIM DOG OR BITCH: Mysherie Everlasting Love At Dunningvale
BEST DOG: Mysherie Sunset Romance
RESERVE BEST DOG : Ch. Nothing Else Matters Stribrne Prani
BEST PUPPY DOG: Wenwytes Where Eagles Dare

BROOD BITCH No entries
MINOR PUPPY BITCH: 1st Donahaye Definite Delight
2nd Auchmuir Amethyst
3 rd Sherazade Speacial Moment
PUPPY BITCH: 1st White Diamond Z Dvora Fonovic
JUNIOR BITCH: 1st Candytops Chanson D’Amoure Avec
YEARLING BITCH: 1ST Candytops Chanson D’Amoure Avec
2 nd Prince S Pom-Pom Stribrne Prani
3 rd Fridstail Sirena La Bandida
GRADUATE BITCH: 1 st Kandysu Second Time Around
2nd Candytops Chanson D’Amoure Avec
LIMIT BITCH: 1ST Estugo Amien Alegria At Wenwytes
2nd Jankeri My Belle Of The Ball
OPEN BITCH: 1ST Brevorda Summer Blossom
BEST BITCH : Estugo Amien Alegria At Wenwytes
RESERVE BEST BITCH: Kandysu Second Time Around
BEST PUPPY BITCH: Donahaye Definite Delight
RESERVE BEST PUPPY BITCH: White Diamond Z Dvora Fonovic