Results 2015 Championship Show

Championship Show 2015.
JUDGE: Mrs S Provost (Hassendean)
LOCATION: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Road, Pelsall, West Midlands WS3 4BQ
DATE: Sunday 22 February 2015

BEST IN SHOW: Baratoba Symbol
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Cheluba Stand And Deliver
BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW: Cheluba Stand And Deliver
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Chevawn Chasing Shadows
BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW: Chevawn Chasing Shadows

VETERAN DOG: 1ST Yorkalsa Highland Magic
MINOR PUPPY DOG: 1ST Nicolass Stribrne Prani
2nd Wightdiamond Lois Vuitton
PUPPY DOG: No entries
JUNIOR DOG: No entries
YEARLING DOG: 1ST Barotoba Prime Time
2nd Andelalie Ambition
3rd Wenwytes Warrior King For Yorkalsa
MAIDEN DOG: No entries
NOVICE DOG: No entries
POST GRADUATE DOG: 1ST Mysherie Sunset Romance
2nd Beaupetite Focus On Me At Beaudreamer
LIMIT DOG: 1st Jankeri Tommy’s Bad Boy
2nd Scandelicious Smoothy King
3rd Wightsilk Snowstorm
Reserve Fridstail Smooth Criminal For Dunningvale
VHC Clamantha Oliver Twist
OPEN DOG: 1st Cheluba Stand And Deliver
2nd Ch. Beezneez Emporer JW
3rd Cherlem Krakkajak
Reserve Wightdiamond Giorgio At Wightsilk
VHC Brevorda Magical Delight
DOG CC: Cheluba Stand And Deliver
RESERVE DOG CC: Ch. Beezneez Emporer JW

VETERAN BITCH 1st Elizaville Sweet And Gentle
MINOR PUPPY BITCH: 1st Chevawn Chasing Shadows
2nd Princes Pom-Pom Stribrwe Prani (NAF)
PUPPY BITCH: 1st Chevawn Chasing Shadows
JUNIOR BITCH: 1st Jasopian Eyes On Me At Andelalie
2nd Silver Dream Tina
3rd Beaupetite She’s Got The Look
YEARLING BITCH: 1ST Beaupetite Gucci At Wightsilk
MAIDEN BITCH: No entries
NOVICE BITCH: No entries
POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1 st Beverleigh The Enchantress
2nd Kool Cinders For Lanehurst
3rd Naylenor Charming Poppet
LIMIT BITCH: 1ST Julesmoor Trade Secret
2nd Jorjenjo Jazz Thyme At Jacjreed
3rd Eldrawid Josephine
Reserve Naylenor Charming Poppet
OPEN BITCH: 1ST Baratoba Symbol
2nd Mona Lisa Of New Deal (Imp Hun)
3rd Mysherie Una Brilliante
Reserve Wightdiamond Gold Shimmer
VHC Frasermar Mystic Love At Andelalie
BITCH CC: Baratoba Symbol
RESERVE BITCH CC: Mona Lisa Of New Deal (Imp Hun)