Results 2014 Champ Show

Results of the 2014 Champ show judged by Mrs K Slaney
JUDGE: Mrs K Slaney (Pathaneys)
LOCATION: Pelsall Community Centre, Station Road, Pelsall, West Midlands WS3 4BQ
DATE: Sunday 23 February 2014

BEST IN SHOW: Frasermar Its A Temptation
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW: Beaupetite Caught You Lookin
BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW: Beaupetite Caught You Lookin
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Auchmoir Audacity At Wenwytes
BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW: Auchmoir Audacity At Wenwytes

VETERAN DOG: 1ST Yorkalsa Highland Magic
MINOR PUPPY DOG: 1ST Andelalie Ambition
2nd Beaupetite Im Exclusive Too
PUPPY DOG: 1ST Wenwytes Without Pretence At Yorkalsa
2nd Faystan Epic Edge
3rd Wenwytes Warrior King For Yorkalsa
Reserve Forgemma Classy Chassis
JUNIOR DOG: 1ST Beezneez The Emperor
2nd Fridstail Smooth Criminal For Dunningvale
3rd Frasermar Matador
Reserve Midapatri Perfect Harmony
YEARLING DOG: 1ST Beaupetite Focus On Me At Beaudreamer
3rd Sonador De Marvels Lux
Maiden Dog 1ST Forgemma Classy Chassis
POST GRADUATE DOG: 1ST Beezneez The Emperor
2nd Toptod Mr Majestic
3rd Beaupetite What About Me
Reserve Dilna's Bill Bailey
VHC Manyork Wayfarer
LIMIT DOG: 1st Julesmoor McFly
2nd Wightsilk Snowstorm
3rd Brevorda Magical Delight
Reserve Clamantha Oliver Twist
OPEN DOG: 1st Beaupetite Caught You Lookin
2nd Hassendean Flashet Fletcher
3rd Cheluba Stand And Deliver
Reserve Wightdiamond Giorgio At Wightsilk
DOG CC: Beaupetite Caught You Lookin
RESERVE DOG CC: Hassendean Flashet Fletcher

VETERAN BITCH 1st Elizaville Sweet And Gentle
MINOR PUPPY BITCH: 1st Auchmoir Audacity At Wenwytes
2nd Beaupetite Gucci
PUPPY BITCH: 1st Faystan's Imagination
2nd Mysherie Miss Romance
3rd Queen Of Diamonds L'Herbe De L'Amour
JUNIOR BITCH: 1st Beverleigh The Enchantress
2nd Blumston All Things Bright
3rd Justmovis Sally Cinnamon
Reserve Sual Byronete Leaway Lass
VHC Toptod Carbon Copy
YEARLING BITCH: 1ST Baratoba Symbol
2nd Sherazade Millie The Minx
3rd Beaupetite I'm Chosen Too
Reserve Kool Cinders For Lanehurst
VHC Sual Byronete Leaway Lass
NOVICE BITCH: 1ST Sual Byronete Leaway Lass
POST GRADUATE BITCH: 1ST Frasermar Its A Temptation
2nd Jankeri Valentine Girl
3rd Wightdiamond Gold Shimmer
Reserve Prettywood Don't Push It
VHC Naylenor Charming Poppet
LIMIT BITCH: 1ST Paruma Naughty But Nice At Lewannes
2nd Eldrawid Josephine
3rd Beaupetite Bewitched
Reserve Brevorda Summer Blossom
VHC Naylenor Charming Poppet
OPEN BITCH: 1ST Ch Beaupetite Im A Diva
2nd Jp Ch Royal Precious Jp's F4 Sabrina
3rd Ch Beaupetite In Focus
Reserve Ch Donahaye She's So Special At Mysherie
VHC Frasermar Mystic Love At Andelalie
BITCH CC: Frasermar Its A Temptation
RESERVE BITCH CC: Baratoba Symbol