Critque of 2013 Champ Show

Midland Yorkshire Terrier Club Championship Show
24th February, 2013

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for making me welcome and for making the
Show so enjoyable.
Veteran Dog (2)
1. Davies Yorkalsa Highland Magic- a credit to the breeders at 8 years old, still in full coat of a good
texture. Clear tans and with a topline many would envy. Moved steadily.
2. Ryans Elizaville Bobby Dazzler
Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1. Haydens Mysherie First Kiss – A raw baby but shows promise. Needs a little more confidence to show
off his attributes. A nice size, compact body, tans clearing and body coat shows the promise of a good blue. Moved well
Puppy Dog (4)
What a lovely class of puppies must bode well for the future.
1. Clarkes Pyrgus Don’t forget me – A very upright, alert puppy. Good definition of colour, tans
clearing well, blue starting to show in his body coat. Lovely outline on a well proportioned
body, moved well. BP
2. Smiths Carsmi Silk’n’Satin – Close to 1. Tans not so clear and ears a little wider set. Textures good
and blue promising to be a dark steel blue. Good topline and reach of neck. Moved well.
Junior Dog (3)
1. Yates Aleksandr Yap at High Definition – Caught my eye right away. Lovely outline on box, with
good reach of neck and level topline. Good textured coat of dark steel blue, tans need to
deepen but time is on his side. Sweet head with dark sparkling eyes. Just needs more
2. Campions Pinkertons Scene Stealer at Chevawn – Loved his head, tans clear and starting to deepen.
Good textured coat, colours just need to settle. Good reach of neck which he uses to
advantage. Good movement.
Yearling Dog (1)
1. Campions Chevawn Simple Charisma – Beautiful 3 shaded tans and dark steel blue body coat with
excellent textures. Dark sparkling eyes set in a sweet head. Moved well with a level
topline. Just lost the edge in the challenge by dropping his topline on the box.
Post Graduate Dog (6)
1. Butts Beaupetite Caught you Lookin – Dark steel blue body coat with clear tans, giving a good
definition of colour. Tans just need more length to complete the picture. Level topline
on a well constructed body, shown to advantage with a good reach of neck. Moved
with confidence.
2. Prevosts Hassendean Flashey Fletcher - well-made dog, very alert. Clear tans, body coat of
lighter blue. Level topline and correct tail carriage. Movement could not be faulted.
Limit Dog (5)
1. Askers Cheluba Stand and Deliver – Neat headed male, tans clearing well,dark sparkling eyes,
sweet expression. Good textured coat of even blue. Level topline on box, moved well.
so much improved from the last time I judged this dog.
2. Campions Chevawn State Secret – Close decision on these two dogs. Well proportioned
dog, good topline both on the box and on the move, carries himself well. Blue coming
through, tans still clearing.
Open Dog (5)
1. Redheads Jankeri Good to Go – A smaller dog who demands attention, never gives up showing.
Neat dog with good colour definition, shaded tans with dark steel blue body coat.
Small head with sweet expression, dark eyes, well placed ears. I have admired him from
the ringside from a youngster, didn’t disappoint to go over him! Moved freely and with
style. Pleased to award him CC and BOS.
2. Lucas Essandem Tradition – Larger Dog of good proportions. Coat of good texture. Dark blue
body coat and clear tans. A little unsettled on the box and when moving.
Minor Puppy Bitch (3)
1. Haydens Mysherie Una Brilliante(TAF) – Very Promising. Silky textured coat, tans clearing well.
Square outline, well set ears, most appealing expression. A little unsettled on move. BMP
Puppy Bitch (1)
1. Askers Beaupetite I’m Chosen Too – Alert and very confident. Neat terrier head, good ear
placement, dark sparkling eyes. Colours need to settle but time will do this. Moved well
holding topline at all times.
Junior Bitch (3)
1. Campions Pinkertons Gossip Girl with Chevawn – Good overall shape. Sweet head with good ear
placement enhanced with clear tans. Good textured blue body coat. Won this class with her sound free movement.
2. Butts Beaupetite Strike a Pose – Useful sized bitch. Silky textured coat with shaded clear tans.
Yearling Bitch (7)
1. Readers Jackreed Dance Thyme – Well made little girl, short coupled, level topline, well placed
shoulders. Neat head with well placed ears. Tans clearing well and body coat of dark steel
blue. Moved well. Should have a bright future.
2. Lees Litalees Pussycat Doll. – Eye catching bitch, tans and blue body coat clearing well. Nice size. Has a good topline but not being co-operative today. Steady movement.
Novice Bitch (2)
1. Lees Litalees Pussy Cat Doll
2. Campions Pinkertons Gossip Girl with Chevawn.
Post Graduate Bitch (10)
1. Butts Beaupetite Bewitched – Stunning little girl, will not be ignored. Lovely
outline, level topline, good reach of neck. Tans bright and shaded, body coat
clearing into a dark steel blue. Moved with purpose. When mature will be one
to look for.
2. Lewis Parfuma naughty but Nice at Lewannes – Up to size and carrying a little too
much weight but this is a bitch any breeder would be proud to own. Lovely
shape, tans clear and golden, dark steel blue body coat of good texture. One I could have taken home.
Limit Bitch (4)
1. Butts Beaupetite in Focus – Useful bitch of good size. Made well. Good in both colours, with level
topline at all times. Showed to display her virtues.
2. Parvins Trayshellin Taylor Maid- Another useful girl. Good in both tans and body coat colours.
Showed well. Just more finish on 1.
Open Bitch (5)
1. Butts Beaupetite I’m a Diva – Glamorous bitch and she knows it. Alert at all times. Sweet head with
dark sparkling eyes. Clear shaded tans and a wealth of dark steel body coat of good texture. Well
constructed. Looks a picture on her box, demands your attention. Moved with drive. CC and BIS.
2. Haydens Ch. Donahaye She’s So Special at Mysherie – Nice headed bitch with clear tans, body
coat of a lighter blue. Sound in every department which is shown in her excellent movement. RCC

Judge B.A. Boot.